Life could be numerous of disappointment that begins the moment you’re born.  You could be born into the wrong family,  part of the world,   social status, or ethnicity.   Multiple things can alter or in fluent your life the minute you are born.   The characteristic can influence the way you go through life and how you affront you future.  They could be internally or externally; in a world in which the color of the skin, your religion, the place you are born, etc. can determine what’s live lay ahead for yourself. If you don’t have the proper physical attribute ‘s hard to get in some place where superficiality is a virtue.   Poverty is a great factor in reaching your educational goal.  Unless you have abilities in sport, have a high IQ or other ability such as in musical instrument, etc.


The dominant race makes it difficult to others to prosper in this world due to little opportunity, or sincerely they want to keep us down.  That is happening in every nation where one race dominates all aspect of society such as government, education, business, wealth, medicine, police, military, etc.  The few elite of society controls everything even the government.  They are the power behind the throne.  They make policies that affect the rest of the population who ignore where the rules and regulation confront.  While the remainder of the world drowns in poverty and misery, they enjoy their big mansion, their yacht, and expensive airplane.  It is worth when they take the manufacture and other industries to another country where they exploit the worker which include minor children for the purpose of increasing their profit.  While at home they blame the government for the lack of jobs and unemployment.  A great percentage of the voters ignore or don’t care.  This world is run by few elite family; who used their wealth to buy corrupt politician all over the globe.


In the meantime, the poor souls of this world die from hunger, disease, lack of potable water and infrahuman condition, among other things.  Humanity needs to take interest on what happen around them.  Stop ignoring what the industries are doing to our Rain Forest and the tribe that lives there for centuries or even millenniums.  Reducing the vegetated area to fewer hectares every year to develop the meat industry and the miner industry for the benefits of the investor who pay them a miserable fraction of what they earn.  Also, making money off the trees that give us oxygen in exchange of carbon dioxide.  If you think that won’t affect you because your home is far away from the Amazon Forest, you are dead wrong because it will impact the Ozone layers that protect all of us from deathly Sun rays.  We have to stand up as one to tell those people damaging the world nature that this has to stop before is too late, and we end off in a microwave oven.


In conclusion, I am not saying to become socialist or anything like that, but, worker should be paid for their work.  The way I see it, when people get paid based on the cost of living or fair enough; they tend to work with more enthusiasm and put more effort into their job because his family is take care off with his earning.   The right to assist college for your grade despise you wealth should be a priority because why wasted a great mind due to the lack of money for tuition and books.  I know we have the Pell Grant, but, it won’t put a high IQ student in an elite institution; with a full scholarship so he could concentrate in his studies.


You want to make America great again bring the manufacture and industries back to the country.  Believe it or not, they charge us for merchandise like if they were made in America.  They believe that we can’t read, but on the back close to the size; it said make in China, India, Singapore, Mexico, etc.  Using cheap labor and children to make the product like clothing, shoes, and a lot of other product.  Why they don’t bring those job back home to help the American people and stop blaming others, like immigrant for they doing.  Make less profit and make you country great again.  It doesn’t mean that you have to bring all the companies and left those poor people without job.  You can bring some and left some behind.  That’s my humble opinion. 

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